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AAT-URA-4G Problemsolver URA


4 Gallon Pail

  • A high solids, water resistant, patented tri-polymer adhesive
  • For the installation of engineered plank and pre-finished solid plank (flat milled 1/2″ max. thickness)
  • Minimizes cupping or lifting of plank flooring
  • Excellent re-bond characteristic helps to minimize call backs from “popping” or “hollow” spots
  • Ensures a strong, permanent, water resistant bond

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Problemsolver U.R.A., Urethane Replacement Adhesive, is a high solids, water resistant, Tri-Polymer adhesive, , formulated for the installation of engineered plank, parquet, acrylic impregnated wood flooring, bamboo, solid shorts and pre-finished solid plank wood flooring. Problemsolver U.R.A. is an excellent adhesive for installing flat milled, solid plank up to one half inch thickness. The Problemsolver U.R.A. is a non-hazardous and VOC compliant wood flooring adhesive. The Tri-Polymer chemistry of the U.R.A. formula minimizes cupping or lifting of plank flooring. The excellent re-bond characteristic helps to minimize call backs from “popping” or “hollow spots.” Problemsolver U.R.A. ensures a strong, water resistant bond. The formula is freeze-thaw stable and nonhazardous. This adhesive can be used on most commonly found sub-floors and brands of wood flooring designed for “glue-down” installations.

Prior to the start of the installation the installer must determine that the job-site conditions meet or exceed all applicable standards of the wood flooring manufacturer and AAT. For the best results, we suggest using a National Wood Flooring Association Certified Professional installer. Installation of hardwood flooring should be one of the last jobs of any construction project. The sub-floor should be prepared according to the standards and practices set forth in the document ASTM F-710-11.


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Weight 45.0 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 11 x 12 in