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NA 501-1G Floor Patch Additive


1 gallon  

  • Interior residential (apartments, condominiums and homes)
  • Interior commercial (office buildings, hotel rooms/hallways, restaurants and cafeterias)
  • Interior heavy commercial (hotel lobbies, convention centers, airports, shopping malls, grocery stores and department stores)
  • Interior institutional (hospitals, schools, universities, libraries and government buildings)
  • Mix NA 500 with NA 501 to use as an embossing leveler or as a patch to fill voids over properly prepared existing cement terrazzo, ceramic tile, vinyl composition tile (VCT), or non-cushioned, fully adhered residential sheet vinyl flooring, cutback and carpet adhesive residues.




Latex Liquid for NA 500 Floor Patch – NA 501 Floor Patch Additive is an acrylic latex additive for use with NA 500 Floor Patch to improve adhesion and flexibility. When NA 500 is mixed with NA 501, the floor patch system can be used as an embossing leveler or to encapsulate cutback adhesive residue. NA 501 also increases the working time of NA 500.

Additional information

Weight 9.0 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 7 x 4 in